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Data protection

We would like to give you a good feeling with regard to the handling of your personal data, we will make clear to you what happens to the accumulated data and what security measures are taken. We also inform you about your legal rights in connection with the processing of this data.

Below you will find information about our privacy practices on this website with personal information and Cookies .

Personal information

When visiting our website, we usually don´t require any personal information. Information about the name of your Internet service provider and the websites that you visit via us are noticed. You as the user remain anonymous.

The information is used for statistical purposes only (eg, number of views for individual web pages). We collect personal data only, if you will give it to us voluntarily, eg. as part of an e-mail request or participate in a game. Currently, the data will still be transmitted in unincrypted form. It can not be excluded, that unauthorized third parties may read the data while transmitted. Post mail and fax provide more security than email, and can be used alternatively.

If you use external links that are included on our website, this privacy statement does not apply to these links. Please inform yourself on the websites of the other providers about their data protection declarations.


Why cookies?

Information on individual use of the internet, which are sent from a web server to a browser, is commonly known as a cookie. They are stored on your computer - not transmitted to the operator of the website.

The same server will use the cookie the next time the user visits the site. This information makes the dialogue with you, personal and more effective. A cookie may contain information, such as how many times the user has visited the site, registration information, and how often the user has viewed a particular ad on the site.

If the function " Cookies" is activated we will recognize your browser type and like that we will offer the best functions for your browser. Enable or disable Cookies: The security setting of your browser contains information on whether the cookie function is activated. It usually is, and you can use cookies.

If you do´t want cookies, you will find out how to prevent it with the "help function" of your browser. You should note however, that by disabling cookies, the above-mentioned advantages of the functions may not be able to use. We therefore recommend to use the cookie features.