barricube GmbH

With love for perfection ripened

"Barricube GmbH" founded  2012 dedicates the whole attention to production and marketing of the innovativ square barrel. Dominique Zorn company founder and manager of Barricube GmbH and the swiss inventor Cyrille Savioz have been presented by the winemaker Stefan Michel. Dominique Zorn realized potential and performance possibilities of Savioz´s new invention. He perfected the barrel and started marketing, branding the product barriCube®. The company has long of tradition and experience with wood.


The beginning: The Swiss Cyrille Savioz gets injured while cleaning his cellar. A rolling barrel leads to painful injuries. He wonders whether the round shape is God-given and constructs the first cubic barrel.


Patent application of the square barrique under the name of "Cybox".

2002 - 2003

Experiments in test facilities lead to positive results. The barrel is further optimized and gets first awards.

2004 - 2010

Production of square barrels labeled "Cybox" begins. Innovative winemakers like Laurent Munier from Tartenin are among the first enthusiastic customers. A dispute over the right to market disrupts the start of the company. Only 2011, when Dominique Zorn and Cyrille Savioz merge, they start a market driven approach.


The innovative square barrel is produced and international marketing starts. Now the barrels are labeled "Barricube".