barricube GmbH

Squaring the Barriques

About 2000 years ago, round wooden barrels were used for the first time instead of traditional clay amphoraes, for wine transport and wine-making. Since then they have been strongly associated with good wine and whisky culture.

Cyrille Savioz developed a cubic barrel, which was not only an innovation, but also a small (cultural) revolution. After several years of development and refinement, these high-quality wine barrels demonstrate high technology, efficiency and design excellence. The barrels brand name is now "BarriCube".

Highest quality oak wood and a high level production make sure, they are a real alternative to traditional round barrels. They offer the best results for your wine production and for whisky finishing. Capacity and storage are greatly increased.




Capacity: 225 Liter

width: 638 mm

height: 670 mm

depth: 950 mm