barricube GmbH

Practical, precise, space-saving

Due to new design and technology, the barriCube "barrique barrel" will increase the efficiency of your wine production with consistent quality. 

Highest quality oak wood and a high level production - barriCube is a real alternative to traditional round barrels. barriCube barrels offer the best results for your wine production and for whisky finishing. Capacity and storage are greatly increased.

Stackable space wonder

  • These barrels achieve more efficient storeroom usage, owing to their angular shape. .
  • The cubic form makes handling during transport and storage simple: 6 barrels fit on one Euro pallet!
  • Easy handling: Stacked and filled barriCubes don´t need to be moved again during use. All kind of work can be done from the front - no extra room needed. A feature that saves a lot of working hours.
  • Space-saving transportation: barriCubes ® can be transported when needed in a decomposed form. This is very efficient for large quantities and for shipping over long distances.

Sophisticated technology

  • The tapered angle of the floor and ceiling plate allows:
    • Quick filling and refilling at the same spot.

  • Thorough cleaning of the barrel from the front side with the ball cleaning system.
  • The barrel doesn´t need to be moved to do this.
  • The wine has 100% surface contact with the wood.

Individual toasting

  • We can produce and reproduce at any time your prefered toasting of your barriCubes.
  • The toasting can be adjusted to suit your wine in up to 12 levels, with the new toasting technology.

Ecological and economical

  • barriCube barrels can be recycled completely.
  • All parts can be reused by parquet flooring and furniture industries.
  • The stainless steel bracket is also recycled.
  • Every barriCube barrel is certificated. So ensuring each barrel can be traced back to its origin in the forest.